DVD 三島由紀夫 戯曲全集 第一期『近代能楽集』「葵上」

型番 PQDD-1002
定価 5,800円(税込6,380円)
販売価格 5,800円(税込6,380円)




制作年: 2013年
制作国: 日本
収録時間: 本編54分+特典60分
カラー: カラー
画面アスペクト: 16:9

"Front line tuning". This preference, which is one of the traditional methods of Japanese beauty, originally cites a part of classical masterpieces, and is an aesthetics of "giving a depth" to self expression. The Mishima version "Aoi no Ue" is a metaphorical "gimmick" full of Mishima's wisdom and a masterpiece of Zeami's original song, "Genji Monogatari" which is also said to be the world's oldest long-length literature, Several times, as if wearing an aesthetic gauze veil, he is cleverly hung around.

The second series of faithfully visualizing the masterpiece play produced by a rare playwright, Yukio Mishima. "Director Akihisa" which Nakatani Miki, cast Yumi Arimoto was cast as a director directed by Negishi Kichitaro was recorded. Also included a commentary (146 pages) contributed by celebrities.

Original: Yukio Mishima
Director: Yoshitaro Negishi
Cast: Miki Nakatani

Production year: 2013
Country of creation: Japan
Recording time: main title 54 minutes + benefits 60 minutes
Color: Color
Screen aspect: 16: 9

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